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BuxP Review : Is it Legit or Scam? Honest Review

Ptc Websites are a great way to make money online in your spare time. There are many Ptc Websites available on the Internet, But I’ve Seen Some of them are not Recommend to Use Because they may be Scam. That’s why Today I am going to Review a PTC Website Known as BuxP that promises to Pay their Users. So, Let’s have a Look Whether the Website is Paying or Not?

(#) Page Contents –

  • Introduction to BuxP.
  • Opportunities to make money on BuxP.
  • How to Start Working on BuxP?
  • BuxP Review – Is it Legit or Scam?
  • Pros and Cons
  • Can you Become Rich with BuxP?
  • Some Complaints about BuxP.
  • Overall Rating – Whether to Join or Not?

(#) Introduction to BuxP

buxp, buxp review

BuxP is a Legit PTC and GPT Platform Paying their Users Since 2008. Basically, It’s a Paid to Click Program that allows their Users to Earn Money through Various ways. It was Founded and Managed by Max Cartner Since 2008. It has more than 600000 Members Worldwide and Out of these 60000+ are Advertisers. Buxp has already Paid more than 500000 Dollars to their Loyal Members. BuxP was Started as a Paid to Click PlatforM, But Now It has various ways to make money Such as Surveys, Videos, Referrals etc. You can Redeem your Earnings When you have at least 7$ in your Account through Paypal, Payza, and Bitcoin.

(#) Opportunities to Make Money on BuxP

There are various ways available on BuxP to Earn Money Online. Let’s have a Look Below to Know more about these ways:-

(1) View Ads –

This is the easiest and convenient way to make money on BuxP that allows you to make money by just viewing the advertisements of other Members. You can make up to 0.01 $ for a 30 Seconds Ads and there are many Ads available daily to View and Earn Money. So, In order to Earn, Check this Section Daily to View more Ads and Make Money.

(2) Watch Videos –

Do you Love to Discover New Content through Videos? Then, You can Use this Section to Earn Money on BuxP and they Even Pay you If you Complete a Video Offer Such as Like or Comment on a Video. There are Two Platforms of Videos available – Youtube and Vimeo. You can Choose and Watch Videos in order to Earn money while entertaining Yourself.

(3) Online Tasks –

Online Tasks is another easiest way to make money on BuxP Platform. You need to Complete Simple Tasks Such as Liking a Facebook Page, Downloading a Tool or Visiting a Web page. You can make up to 0.10$ for each task depending upon the task. There are various tasks available daily on BuxP Platform and I recommend you to Check back Daily in order to Receive more Tasks and Complete them to Earn Money from this Platform.

(4) Offer Wall –

Doing Offers are Pretty much same as Online Tasks, But You will not be Rewarded with Cash for Completing a Offers. Instead of Cash, BuxP rewards you with BuxP Points that can be exchanged for various items or BuxP Products. You can Check daily to receive Offers and Earn BuxP Points in order to Exchange them for Paid Services Such as Traffic Credits, Premium Memberships etc.

(5) Affiliate Program –

Affiliate Programs are a great way to make some consistent income online. It has their own Affiliate Program that Pays 7.5% Commission to Premium Members and 2.5% Commission to Free Members for each Sale made by them. For Instance, If an Advertiser bought 2000 Traffic Credits for 10$ then you will receive 0.75 $ Commission for that Sale. You can use Social Media, Blog, Youtube in order to Refer Advertisers to the Platform. There is no Limit to Earn by this Way on BuxP Platform, So Start Referring Advertisers to BuxP and Enjoy Bigger Commissions.

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(#) How to Start Working on BuxP?

So, you are Ready to Know How to Start Working on this Platform. Then, Start Following the Steps Below in Order to Learn How to Start Working on this Website:-

1. Click here to Go to the Signup Page.

2. Upon Clicking, You will be redirected to a Page Where you have to Fill your Details Such as Name, E-mail Address, Password etc. After that, You need to Complete the Captcha and Just Click on Register as Shown in the Image.

buxp, buxp review

3. Upon Submitting the Details, You will receive a verification email to Verify your Account. Just Follow the Instructions in the Mail in order to Verify and Activate your Account. That’s it! Now you are a Member of the Community.

buxp, buxp review

4. After Successful Verification, you need to Login into your Account in order to Start Making Money From this Platform. Upon Login, You can Click on Earn and Choose your Preferred Section in Order to Start Earning Cash from this Platform.

buxp, buxp review

(#) BuxP Review – Is it Legit or Scam?

In this BuxP Review, I am going to Present the Positive and Negative Points of BuxP Platform that helps you to Know Whether to Join or Not. So, Are you Ready to Know the Current Situation of this Platform? Then, Let’s Move on and Start Exploring.

(a) Pros –

  • It is a Legit and Paying Program.
  • It is Online Since 2008
  • Various ways to Earn Money
  • Great Affiliate Program
  • Paypal and Payza Accepted

(b) Cons

  • Bad Payment Policy
  • Minimum Payment is 7$
  • Earnings are Low If you work alone

(#) Can You Become Rich with BuxP?

No, You will never become rich with this program but it’s better to Join a Legit and Paying Program as compared to some useless websites. You can make some extra money with BuxP, But it’s not possible to earn a Consistent Income Because PTC sites will not work If you work alone. If you want to make some consistent Income, then you can make some Direct Referrals in order to Earn Some Hard Cash. Also, Never Expect Quick Results from Paid to Click Programs because it takes some time to make Referrals and to Start Generating Some Hard Cash. So, Keep Patience in order to make some Real Cash from BuxP and Start Making Referrals in order to Earn Some Genuine Income.

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(#) Some Complaints about BuxP Platform.

There are Some Complaints of this Platform, But It doesn’t mean that It’s not Paying their Users. They are Paying their Custmors on Time, But If you are a New Member then it takes some time to Proceed your First Withdrawl and after that, all things Remains Constant. I’ve Seen Only 2 Complaints that the Earnings are Low and I already Mentioned above that Never Expect Quick Results from Online Earning Programs. You must have Patience in order to Make Some Hard Cash Online. Always Keep in Mind, Never try to do Cheating with the anti-spam System, Because If they Know that You are Spamming then they will Kick out you without any Notice.

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(#) Overall Rating – Whether to Join or Not?

The Decision totally depends upon you. If you want to Join them and have some Patience then You can Join them Otherwise You can Leave this Program. If you want to Join then Click the Below Link in order to Join them.

Join BuxP Here

(#) Final Words

That’s All! It Took Me Around 4-5 Hours To Write This Article, But It Takes Only 2 Seconds To Share. Please Share If You Love This Article And Also Let Me Know About Your Experience. I Hope This Article Will Help You to Make Money Online and Feel Free to Share If You Have Any Suggestions!

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