How to Get Business and Career Advice from Experts Online

As a Business Owner, You  Make Many Decisions Everyday and  Some of them affect your Business and Some of them Don’t!
But You have any idea that a small wrong Decision is Enough to Shut down your Business house Overnight?

In this Case, You Might Need an Expert Advice to Grow Your Business and Accomplish your Dreams.

Also, You Don’t Need to Worry If You Don’t Have a Legal Adviser or Marketing Expert to Guide you Because Today I will Show you a Platform Known as “TapChief” Where you can Find Experts to Guide you in Order to Grow your Business.

Let’s Start with Basics – 

What You Will Learn

 What is TapChief?

➤ How TapChief Works?

➤ How to Get Started with Tapchief.

What Is TapChief?


TapChief is an Online Platform Connecting the Individuals who are looking for advice in a Specific Field with the Individuals who are Expert in the Same Field. This Platform is made of all the Individuals Even for Students Who Need Career Guidance for their Future.

Today, TapChief has More than 5000 Experts across various fields Like Technology, Design, HR, Marketing, Finance and Legal. It Includes Founders, Co-Founders, Angel Investors, VCs, and Consultants.

TapChief was Started with a Capital of 5 Lakh Invested by the Founding Team Itself and Recently, TapChief Announced that it has raised some big amount of funding from Paytm, Taxisure, and NuVentures.

How Tapchief Works?



TapChief is a Revolutionary Platform Works on a Simple Business Module. TapChiefAllows Users to Seek Professionals or Experts by their Skill, Organisation or Name and help them Exploring Various Experts Profile.

Now the User Can Select an Expert profile and Go on to Request a Consultation from the Expert by Suggesting Three Time Slots. After that, the Expert will be Notified via E-mail or SMS and can accept or reject the Request or suggest some alternate time for the Consultation.

After that When the Expert accepts a particular time for the consultation, then the user will receive a call from the Tapchief Server and Tapchief Servers will Connect the Call with the Expert. After the Consultation, Tapchief will Charge the Decided amount from your account and All the Refunds are Dealt on a case-to-case Basis.

How To Get Started With TapChief:-

In this Part, I will Show you Some Steps You can Follow in Order to Get Advice From Experts. Steps are as Follows –

Step 1 – First of all you need to create an account on TapChief by Clicking on the “Login Or Signup” Button as Shown the Image Below:-


Step 2 – A PopUp Window will be opened as Shown in the Image Below. In this Popup Window, you have to Fill your Details Like Your Name, E-mail, and Your Mobile Number Etc. After Filling all the Details You just have to Click on SignUp Button in Order to Submit your Details.

tapchief signup

Step 3 – After that, You Will be Redirected to the Next Page as Shown in the Below image and On this Page, You Have to Choose that You are Student, Beginner, Inter-Mediate Or Expert.


Step 4 – After Choosing that You will be Redirected to the Next Page as Shown in the Image Below and On this Page, You Have to Choose that Are you Interested in Business or Career Advice and After Selecting that You have to Search Some Keywords Related to your Field.


Step 5 – After that, You will be Redirected to the Next Page as Shown in the Image and On this Page, You have to Select a Profile Link to Connect with People and with that Link People can also be able to Connect with you. For Example, If I choose a Profile Link Like “http;//tapchief.com/abhishekchhabra” and If Someone will Click on this Link then He/she will be Redirected to My TapChief Profile.


 Step 6 – After that You have to Click on the “Continue” Button and You will be Redirected to the Next Page as Shown in the Image Below and On this Page, you just have to Click on the Continue Button and You will become a Member of the TapChief Community.


 Step 7 – Now you are a Member of the TapChief Community and After Clicking on the Continue Button you will be Redirected to your Dashboard and You can now able to create a profile, connect with experts and even other members also.

Step 8 – That’s All! It took me Around 4-5 hours to Complete this Article But It Only Takes 2 Seconds to Share it. If you Love this Article, Please Share this and Feel Free to Ask Us If you have any Doubts Or Suggestion For Us!

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