Indiaspeaks – How to make Extra Money for Sharing your Opinion

There are many Survey Job Websites available on the Internet, But I’ve seen Some of them are scams and not Paying their Users. That’s why I’ve Found a Survey Job Web site that is paying and Genuine. Well, the Website is Known as Indiaspeaks. So, Are you Ready to Know about the India Speaks in Brief? Then, Without wasting more time Let’s Start:-

Page Contents –

  • Introduction to Indiaspeaks.
  • Why you Should Choose Indiaspeaks?
  • How to Start working on Indiaspeaks?
  • Indiaspeaks Review: Is it Legit or Scam?
  • Can you Become Rich with India Speaks?
  • Some Complaints about Indiaspeaks.
  • Overall Rating – Whether to Join or Not?

(#) Introduction to Indiaspeaks –

indiaspeaks, india speaks

Indiaspeaks is an Online Survey Platform that helps People to Share their Voice Regarding a Product or Service. It also helps Brand Owners to Collect Opinions about their Product or Service and then they can Improve the Quality of their Products and Services. Basically, India Speaks Sends you Surveys based upon the Information you’ve provided them. You can easily earn anywhere from 20 to 2000 Points for a Single Survey you complete. In this, 1 Point is equal to 1 Rupee and When you have 200 Rs. in your Account you can Redeem them via Mobile Recharge, Gift Cards, Paytm Cash, Demand Drafts etc.

(#) Why You Should Choose Indiaspeaks?

This is the Most Important Question that Why you Should Choose Indiaspeaks. As you know, You are the Customer and Your Voice should be heard for the Products you use in your daily life. So, If you want to Give Feedback or Raise Voice against a product you use, then it can be easily done with Indiaspeaks. Also, Indiaspeaks Provides you a Power to Choose Products in the Indian Market through your valuable Feedback. It doesn’t matter whether you are Student or Professional Because Indiaspeaks includes a Good Mix of them. So, Are you Ready to Join them or Start Raising your Voice? Then, Move to the Next Part.

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(#) How to Start Working on Indiaspeaks?

In Order to Start Working on Indiaspeaks, Firstly you Need to Join them. So, Follow the Below Steps to Join India speaks Today.

1.Click Here to Go to the Signup Page. 

2. Upon Clicking on the Above Link, You will be redirected to the Registration Page Where you have to Fill your Details Such as Mobile Number, E-mail Address, and Password.After Filling the Information You have to Click on Signup Button to Submit the Information.

indiaspeaks, india speaks

3. After Submitting the Details, You will receive a Verification in your Email Id and You need to Follow the Instructions in the Mail in order to Verify and Activate your India Speaks Account.

indiaspeaks review

4. Upon Verification, You will become an Active Member of Indiaspeaks and Now you have to Login into your Account to Complete your Profile in order to be eligible for Receiving Paid Surveys.

5. After Logging into your Account, You have to Complete your Profile Details Such as your Name, Age, Gender to Complete the Registration Process as Shown in the Image Below.

indiaspeaks, india speaks

6. After this, You need to Complete Some more Information in your Dashboard to Receive more Surveys and Keep in Mind that You will not Receive Surveys Instantly after Signup. You have to wait for Some time and Surveys will Start Flowing into your Account.

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(#) India Speaks Review: Is it Legit or Scam?

As I mentioned earlier that Indiaspeaks is a legit and Paying Program and After Reading Some Reviews and Feedback about Indiaspeaks, I’ve written this post for my Readers. So, You can Join them without worrying about the Payment and Don’t Irritate If It takes some time to Process the Payment to your Account. Also, Be Patient If you Really want to Make Money from Survey Jobs because it takes time for the Surveys to Come up in your Account. Keep in Mind to Fill Your Profile Completely to Receive High Paying Survey Jobs Fast.

(#) Can You Become Rich with Indiaspeaks?

No, You will never become rich with this program but it’s better to Join a Legit and Paying Program as compared to some useless websites. You can make some extra money with India Speaks, But it’s not possible to earn a Consistent Income Because Survey Jobs are not available daily. If you want to make some consistent Income, then you can Join Some Best Survey Websites like India speaks to make some genuine money. Also, Never Expect Quick Results from India speaks because it takes some time to Receive High Paying Surveys and all things depend upon the Data you’ve provided in your Indiaspeaks Profile. So, Keep Patience in order to make some Real Cash from Indiaspeaks or Survey Jobs Online.

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(#) Some Complaints about Indiaspeaks

As we know that All the things in this world have their Positive Side as well as Negative Side. So, That’also in the case of India Speaks. Yes! India Speaks has some Complaints but not Big ones. I’ve seen Complaints that People are not receiving Surveys But As I mentioned earlier that Surveys Invitations Depends upon the Profile Data you’ve provided. So, If you want to Receive Surveys in your India Speaks Inbox, then Always Provide the Honest Information During the Profile Completion Process. This is the only complaint I’ve Seen, But it doesn’t mean that India Speaks is a Scam. So, Join Indiaspeaks Today

(#) Overall Rating – Whether to Join or Not?


You can Join Indiaspeaks and Start Making Some Extra Money Online by Sharing your opinion.

Join Indiaspeaks Here

(#) Final Words

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