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Beginner Guide to Make Money Through Affiliate Marketing

Have you ever thought Is it Possible to Make Money just by Promoting Products or Services Online?

Yes! It’s Possible and This way of Making Money is Known as Affiliate Marketing. Today I will Show you How to Make Money Online just by Promoting Products and Services.

Read the Full Article for a Better Understanding! Let’s Start with Basics:-

What You Will Learn

➤ What is Affiliate Marketing?

➤ How to Start Affiliate Marketing?

➤ Best Platforms to Start Affiliate Marketing.

➤ How to Promote?

(#)What Is Affiliate Marketing?

affiliate, affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a Part of Marketing in which a Company or Website Rewards a User For Promoting their Products and Services. In Affiliate Marketing, There are three persons Involved Which are as Follows:-

Merchant – A Merchant Is A Person Who Owns The Product And Services And He Pays The Affiliate Networks In Order To Pay The Persons Who Are Promoting Their Products And Services.

Affiliate Network – An Affiliate Network Act As A Mediocre Between The Merchants And The Affiliates. They Tie Up With The Merchants And Pay The Affiliates To Generate Sales For The Merchants.

Affiliate – Affiliate Is The Person Who Is Promoting Products And Services In Order To Make Some Extra Money Online.

(#)How To Start Affiliate Marketing 

Now It’s Time to Know How the Process Works, I Mean How You Can Start Doing Affiliate Marketing. You Just Need to Follow the Below Steps in Order to Start Affiliate Marketing Today:-

Step 1 – Finding A Product You Want To Promote

Here Comes the Most Important Step Where You Need to Choose the Product You Want to Promote and Always Choose a Product that Suits you Best and Depending Upon your Audience.

Step 2 – Sign Up For The Affiliate Program

After Choosing the Product You Need to Promote the product and for that, You Need to Signup For their Affiliate Program in Order to Get Your Unique Affiliate Link in Order to Generate Sales.

Step 3 – Promoting Your Link 

Now You have your own Unique Affiliate Link and Now you can Promote the Link on the Internet. When Someone Buys a Product From Your Affiliate Link, Then You will be paid a Commission.

(#)Best Platforms To Start Affiliate Marketing

There are Many Affiliate Platforms Available on the Internet, But Some of them are Fraud. So I Made a List of Some Genuine and Paying Affiliate Programs in Order to Help the Beginners. Have a Look at the Below Affiliate Programs:-


clickbank, affiliate marketing

ClickBank is an Affiliate Network empowering over 6 Million Products From 17 Years Ago. They have a Wide Range of Digital Products like E-books and If you want to Promote Digital Products then it’s the Best Option For You to Join.

Share A Sale

share a sale, affiliate marketing

Share a Sale has been in Business for 17 Years, as an Affiliate Network. Their Main Objective is to Provide an Advanced Solution to the Merchants and Affiliate Marketers.Now, Share a Sale is Officially Owned by a Global Organisation Awin. You can Join them Today to Promote Products of Your Own Choice and Make Money Online.

Amazon Associates 

amazon associates, affiliate marketing

Amazon Associates is another Online Marketplace for those Bloggers and Online Marketers Who Want to Create their own Links in order to Promote Products of their own Choice. It’s free to join and easy to use Affiliate Network. 

eBay Partner Network

ebay partner network, affiliate marketing

eBay has been online for over 20 years and Many Online Marketers Even Don’t Know that eBay has its Own Affiliate Network. eBay Partner Network Provides you the Tools and Platform to Check the Sales and Earnings Reports.

Flipkart Affiliate Program

flipkart affiliate program

Flipkart Affiliate Program has been one of the highest revenue earning e-retail store. They have the best Conversion Rates in the industry, which means that you will generate more money from Flipkart than any other Affiliate Network.



Revenuewire is an E-commerce platform that is designed for those persons who want to promote digital products online. They are Providing their Services in around 120 Countries.

Cj Affiliate Network

cj affiliate network

Cj Affiliate Network is another Best Affiliate Network in the industry. They have around 500 Companies working with them. Most of the Retailers have different ad sizes, that give you access to more options to place banners on your blog or website.

(#)How to Promote?

Now, You Know about How Affiliate Marketing Works and All about the Best Affiliate Networks But there is an important thing Missing Known as Promotion and without Promotion, you can’t be able to make money through affiliate marketing. So Today I will Show you Some Ways that you can use to Promote your Affiliate Linkon the Internet. So Here We Go:-

Social Media – If you have a Fan base or better Reach on Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, Then you can use your Social Media Audience as Money Making Machine But For this you have to Firstly know about your targeted audience and Then you can Choose a Product Depending Upon the Type of Your Audience. For Example, If you have a Page or Group of Fashion Freaks then you can promote Fashionable accessories like Shirts, Pants, Boots and Much More.

Website or Blog – This is the another way of promoting the products and generating sales. In this, you just need to choose the product and place a banner of the product on your website or blog. Sometimes this way of promotion will give you great sales, But Sometimes you will not be able to make many profits.

Youtube Channel – This is also another great way to promote your Affiliate Link to a Larger Audience and I’ve seen Many YouTubers Promoting their Affiliate Links in their Videos and I have Found that it’s a Great Way to Promote Products and Make Sales. So If You have a Youtube Channel then you can Start Promoting Your Products Online by this Way.

Sponsored Posts – If you have some Money to Spend on Advertising Your affiliate link, Then You can use this method in order to Generate Sales. Basically, You need to Contact a Blogger to make a Sponsored Review Post Regarding the Product you Choose to Promote.

Mailing List – You can also Promote your Products and Services by Just Sending Out E-mails. For this, You Just Need a Mailing List and You are Ready to Promote Your Products.


Closing Words –

That’s All! It Took Me Around 4-5 Hours To Write This Article, But It Took Only 2 Seconds To Share. Please Share If You Love This Article And Also Let Me Know About Your Experience.

I Hope This Article Will Help You To MAKE Money Through Affiliate Marketing. Keep Visiting for More Future Updates.

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