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Paidverts Review – How to Make Money Fast with Paidverts

Have You Ever Thought that You can make 10-20$ Per Click? I know Most of the People will Say “No” Because It Seems Impossible, But What If I Say It’s Possible? Yes, It’s Possible with the Revolutionary Ptc Website Paidverts. Today We will Discuss Paidverts Working Procedure, Review and I will Show You the Methods to Earn Fast Cash with Paidverts. So, Without Further Discussion, Let’s Start:-

(#) What You Will Learn 

  • Introduction to Paidverts
  • How to Join Paidverts?
  • How to Start Working on Paidverts?
  • Strategy to Earn Fast Cash with Paidverts?
  • Paidverts Review – Is it Legit or Scam?

(#) Introduction to Paidverts –


Paidverts is one of the Best Website in the World of Paid to Click Websites But with a Little Twist. Basically, It’s a Hybrid Paid to Click Website, Where You Can Earn Up to 200 Dollars for a Single Click. Paid verts is a Part of a Crowd Funding Platform MyTrafficValue that’s Online Since 2010. So, You don’t need to Worry about the Payments and Other Things.

Paidverts will Pay 120% of Whatever a User Invests. For Instance, If you Invest 1$ in Paidverts, Then You Will Receive Ads Worth 1.20$ to Click in your Account. You can Request a Withdrawl When You have at least 1$ in your Account. Paid verts Pay their Users through Paypal, Payza, Perfectmoney, OkPay, Bitcoin, Webmoney, Payeer, AdvCash etc.

(#) How to Join Paidverts?

It’s time to Know How to Become the Part of this Amazing PTC Website. Just Follow the Below Steps in Order to Create an account on Paidverts:-

Step 1 – Click here to Go to Paidverts Signup Page.

Step 2 – Upon Clicking the Link, You will be redirected to a New Page Where you have to Fill Details like Username, Email Address, Password Date of Birth. After Filling the details, Just Complete the Captcha and Click on “Open Account” Button as Shown in the Below Image.


Step 3 – After Submitting the Details, You will receive an Activation Mail in the Email ID You’ve Used During Signup Process. Just Click on the Verification Link Received to Activate your Account as Shown in the Below Image.


Step 4 – Upon Verification, You can Login into your Account and Your Dashboard will Look Like the Below Image.

paidverts, paidverts review

(#) Important Things to Remember

  • Always Set a Username and Password that is Strong and Easy to Remember to Prevent your Account from Suspicious Activities.
  • Provide an accurate Date of Birth during Signup Process Because It will help you to Recover Your Account If you Forget your Password.

(#) How to Start Working on Paidverts?

Now, You are a Part of this Amazing PTC Website and It’s time to Know How to Start Working on Paidverts. So, Just Follow the Below Steps in Order to Start Making Money on Paidverts:-

Step 1 – After having access to your Paid verts Dashboard, You have to Click on Paid Ads Tab Located in Navigation Menu at Right Side as Shown in the Image:-

paidverts review

Step 2 – Upon Clicking, You will be redirected to a New Page, Where You Will See BAP (Bonus Ad Points) Ads to Claim as Shown in the Below Image.

paidverts ads

Step 3 – On the BAP Ads Page, Click on View Activation Ad as Shown in the above Image. After Clicking the ad you will be redirected to a page as shown in the below image.

paidverts stertagy

Step 4 – After Typing the Text, You Just have to Click on Proceed to Advertiser Website Button. Upon Clicking the Button, A New Window Will Open Where you have to Fill the Captcha and wait for 30 Seconds in order to Earn Bonus Ad Points as shown in the below image.

paidverts ads, paidverts stertagy

Step 5 – Now, You Know How to Start Working on Paidverts and Just Follow the Above Steps to View all the 16 BAP Ads. You need at least 2000 BAP Points in your Account to Start Receiving Money Ads and More the BAP You have, More Money Ads you will Receive. So, Start Collecting as much as possible. Let’s Move on to the Next Part Where I will Show you two Methods to Earn Fast Cash with Paidverts.

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(#) How to Earn Fast Cash with Paidverts?

Here Comes the Brainer, I Know Most of you are waiting for this Part. So What are the Two Methods that help you to Make Money Fast with Paidverts? Here are the Methods to Earn Fast Cash with Paidverts:-

(A) Make an Investment in Paidverts –

As we all know that Most of the People on Internet are Looking for a Shortcut to make some Real Money Fast. But, It’s not Possible Unless you have Knowledge or Money for Investment. So, the easiest way to earn fast cash from Paidverts is to make some investment to purchase bonus ad points.

As I Mentioned Earlier, More the Bonus ad Points you have, More Larger Value Ads you will Receive. Now, A Question will arise in everyone’s mind that How the Bonus Ad Points Module Work? So here is a Table that explains the Working of Bonus Ad Points Module:-


In the Above Image, You can See that all the Users on Paidverts are divided into Groups and Depending Upon their Groups Paid verts decide to Send Money Ads to them. So, How much a Person Needs to Invest to Reach the Levels of Different Groups? Here is an Investment Chart to Know More about this:-

paidverts review

Now I think It’s Clear and It’s time to Know How to Deposit Cash or Buy Ads in Paidverts. Here is a Video to Know about the Full Process to Buy Ads in Paidverts. Please Watch the Video till the End to Get all the Information.

(B) Refer and Earn Program

You can Introduce your Friends, Family Members, and Relatives to Paid verts and If they Join Paid verts through your Link then the Person will become your Referral. Paidverts Pays you up to 5% Commission for Referring People to their Program. For Example, If a Person Joins through your Referral Link and the person invests money into his account, then you will receive 5% of Whatever the Amount Invested by the Person. There are various ways to refer users to Paid verts. Here are Some of them:-

1. Create a Blog 

You can create a Blog to Refer Users to Paidverts. This Method can help you to gain thousands of Referrals, But You have to wait in order to Start Gaining Referrals. Only Try this Method If you have some basic knowledge of English and also the most important factor Patience.

2. Social Media Platforms –

This is the most commonly used method to Gain Referrals to a Particular Program Because there are Some Groups on Social Media Platforms Where you can Post your Referral Links in order to Gain Referrals for Free. You can join Hundreds of Active Groups on Social Media to Promote Paidverts.

3. Paid Advertising –

This Method will only work if you have enough knowledge about Online Marketing. You can Find Some Reputable Advertising Networks on Internet to Use them for Advertise on Thousands of Blogs and Web sites.

4. Online Forums –

Online Forums are the Best Options for New Comers. You can Start Posting Links in Various Forums by Joining them. The Traffic is best because the traffic is targeted and New Comers must try this method in order to Gain Referrals.

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(#) Paidverts Review – Is it Legit or Scam?

As I Mentioned above that Paid verts is a Legit and Paying Program, But I always care for my Readers. Thus, I’ve Collected Some User Reviews and Payment Proofs that ensures Paidverts is a Legit and Paying Program. Just have a Look at the Below User Reviews and Payment Proofs:-

(#) User Reviews







(#) Payment Proof

paidverts payment proof

image credit







So, What are you waiting for? Join Paidverts Today to Start Earning Real Cash.

(#) Final Words

That’s All! It Took Me Around 4-5 Hours To Write This Article, But It Took Only 2 Seconds To Share. Please Share If You Love This Article And Also Let Me Know About Your Experience. I Hope This Article Will Help You to Make Money Online and Feel Free to Share If You Have Any Suggestions!

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